Feb 152009

So I got to thinking that I often speak here of fun outfits, clothes bought and how I dress up for work...well I decided to share with you what I wore to the restaurant tonight...on Valentines Day...which is the two days of the year when I let the holiday colors be my inspiration (the other being St. Pattys...but I wear both bright green and fuchsia on a regular basis so that may be why). That was the best run on sentence I have ever written! Anyway...here is what it looked like:

(be kind, I took this after I came home from a really busy night)

What it was:
Shirt: Victoria's Secret Essential Body Suit in White
Skirt: Kenar Brown Leather Skirt
Stockings: We Love Color Fuchsia Tights
Shoes: Aldo Red Mary Jane esque
Earrings: Manic Trout Kala Treasure Island Earrings
Ring: Manic Trout Jacqueline Zsa Zsa Bling Ring
Watch: ESQ

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